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Des Vermis Mysteriis

For the past few hours I’ve been doing research on Des Vermis Mysteriis and the Ctchulhu Mythos (Arcane Literature). I find this extremely interesting. Although it’s sort of creepy, in a paranormal kind of way. Listen to this-

De Vermis Mysteriis  page 87

In the coldest regions of space, the monstrous entities Ogdru Jahad – the Seven Gods of Chaos- slumber in their crystal prison, waiting to reclaim Earth… and burn the heavens.

What part of that isn’t kind of scary? I’ve heard of when the Seven Gods of Chaos were awakened and almost opened to Earth by a human sorcerer. Latin to be exact. The Des Vermis Mysteriis was written in the Fifteen Hundreds by Ludvig Prinn, a Flemis alchemist and supposed sorcerer. Some supposed spells mentioned by Ludvig Prinn in Des Vermis Mysteriis include summoning a child of Shub- Niggwrath and calling the spirit of it’s dead corpse, and instructions on how to craft a symbol Prinn claims to be a powerful aid in banishing entities.

An Italian man, Charles Leggett produced another English translation of Des Vermis Mysteriis titled The Mysteries of the Worm. it was published in London during 1821.

Sometime in the Eighteen Hundreds an individual known only as “Clergyman X” made an English translation of the Saracenic Rituals. it was published in monogram form. The test is highly censored.

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